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Hi, I'm Johnna

Just like everyone in this world, we all have a story to tell. At times it’s exciting, like when I lived on the side of a mountain in Haiti, raising Haitian babies. At times it’s tragic, like when my dad had open heart surgery and it went wrong, taking everything but his life. And sometimes it’s glorious, like raising my son Levi, who is almost 8 now. I’m simply here to tell the details of my story, the tiny moments that have shaped me and forced me to look upward, and move forward. Each one of us is bursting with small moments of victory, loss, joy, adventure, pain, and I want to have a place to put it all, and maybe, if all falls into place, encourage you to do the same. Let’s ride this journey together, why don’t we. 


I’m 33. Single mom. Dreamer, planner, lack ambition, love a workout that feels like death, love food way too much, have shitty non functioning lungs they want to call Cystic Fibrosis but I don’t buy it. Currently a nanny to twins, tired all the time, but ferociously trying to find and capture the beauty of each day. 


I’m glad you’re here.